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Trevali and MineRP Collaborate on Mine Digitization at its Rosh Pinah Mine in Namibia.

Since launching Trevali’s inaugural Digital Transformation Program in July 2019, I am excited to announce that Trevali Mining is collaborating with South Africa-based, independent software vendor (“ISV”) MineRP Holdings (Pty) Ltd (“MineRP”).

Trevali has launched an inaugural digital transformation program to unlock greater business value by digitizing assets, improve productivity, optimize maintenance and reliability, and enabling operational intelligence. The company signed a Memorandum of Understanding with MineRP on August 21, 2019, to enable several initiatives designed to capitalize on smart technologies at its global operations and to unlock greater business value.
The company is looking forward to disrupting outdated platforms with a start-up mindset, complement human capabilities, better connect our people, and bridge industrial equipment with instant insights. This digital transformation program will over time enable Trevali to make fast, informed decisions, to optimize entire operations, rather than individual assets and equipment.
The digital portfolio will be structured around the following three strategic thematic areas:
1.      Digitization of assets, and automation of physical processes;
2.      Data-driven planning, control, and decision-making; and
3.      Functional platforms and automated support processes.
Initially, Trevali will deploy the MineRP 4.0 platform at its Rosh Pinah Mine Operation to iteratively produce up-to-date, executable plans and schedules, minimizing variability and volatility in planned and actual performance to maximize the operations performance.

Rosh Pinah Operation

Rosh Pinah Town, Karas- Namibia

Rosh Pinah is an underground zinc-lead mine and 2,000 tonne per day milling operation in southwestern Namibia, about 950km South of the capital Windhoek. The Rosh Pinah Mine has been in operation since 1969 and is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. The mine currently produces zinc and lead sulphide concentrates containing minor amounts of copper, silver, and gold.

Enabling an Integrated Digital Mine

We chose MineRP because of their global recognition as a mine software developer and its core focus on spatial integration that allows for the seamless integration of mining technical systems into the enterprise. It also allows for platform-to-platform communications with other domains, such as enterprise resource planning (“ERP”) systems, real-time IoT platforms, and predictive and cognitive platforms.

The company believes that MineRP’s real-time insight into the underground conditions, relationships and trends that are not otherwise apparent, will add long-term value to Rosh Pinah and Trevali employees and shareholders.

MineRP Integrated Digital Mine

Next Steps

Over the next few months, Trevali will be providing updates on other digital transformation partners, initiatives and advancements.
The company will be launching a new intranet for the organization, an e-learning software platform for its induction and training needs, and a world-class project and portfolio management system, which Trevali will deploy at all operations. In addition, Trevali will be deploying a state-of-the-art platform at the Caribou Operation for improving orebody knowledge..

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