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Sandvik extends its My Sandvik fleet connectivity to other brands.

Through solutions such as My Sandvik, OptiMine and AutoMine, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology has developed and deployed a leading suite of technology offerings to enable digitalization of mining operations. These products and related services have proven to be extremely valuable in helping customers to improve safety, drive productivity to new levels and reduce costs. To date, Sandvik has connected well over 3000 pieces of mobile equipment to My Sandvik, OptiMine and AutoMine.

Although Sandvik has built an impressive portfolio of digital solutions, the company believes that the first step of the digitalization journey is often for its customers to connect mobile assets through My Sandvik. This Sandvik telemetry solution provides significant, valuable operational insights and enables easy fact-based decision-making through the reporting and visualization of machine health and productivity data.

The acquisition of the digital mining technology company Newtrax, completed earlier this year, strengthened Sandvik’s leading position in automation and digitalization. The digital tools for analyzing and optimizing mining production and processes, in combination with Newtrax’s leading technology in wireless IoT connectivity, enabled Sandvik to provide its customers and others with a streamlined digital solution regardless of the origin of their fleet.

Following the acquisition of Newtrax, Sandvik has recently announced that the My Sandvik telemetry offering will be extended, creating the opportunity to connect non-Sandvik fleet to the My Sandvik platform. This will be done in line with Sandvik’s Interoperability Policy, released in April 2018.


Michael Bruninx, Sandvik Global Senior Vice President- Parts & Services Business Mining & Rock Technology


“We regard mixed fleet interoperability to be the next logical step for the My Sandvik platform”, Michaël Bruninx, VP Parts & Services Commercial, says. “While we believe Sandvik has the best products within our scope of offering, mixed fleets at our customers’ mine sites are a reality. We’ve formed an impressive foundation with Sandvik machines at over 170 mine sites around the world connected to My Sandvik. Now those customers, and new ones, will be able to leverage My Sandvik telemetry reporting across their entire fleets, regardless of brand”, continues Bruninx.

The first non-Sandvik machines are expected to be connected to My Sandvik via Newtrax technology in Q4 2019.

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