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Resetting Standards for global Zinc Mining- Vedanta

Resetting Standards for global Zinc Mining: Vedanta Zinc International (VZI) Gamsberg Mine (South Africa)
Sitting on a 214Mt reserve and resource at a grade between 6.0-6.5% with an estimated Life of Mine of 30+ years, the Gambserg
Mine is one of the biggest zinc deposits in the world. The mine has been developed at a value of US$1 Billion. Set to be officially opened by His Excellency, the President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa this Thursday 28, February 2019, the Gamsberg Project presents one of the biggest mining investments in recent times within South Africa. It is one of the most digitally advanced mines in Africa.
From the beginning, VZI’s vision for Gamsberg was always that the project would be an end-to-end digitally enabled operation, with that digitalization built in from the ground up, as opposed to being retrofitted once the operation was up and running. VZI’s business imperative is the concept of “adapt and thrive”. Vedanta Zinc International understand the fact that Digitalization is not a threat but rather an opportunity – not just for Vedanta as a company, but for all our stakeholders.

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