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Refund Policy

You have come through to this page from a website which is published by a The Mining executive Magazine.

In this policy, “us”, “we” or “our” means The Mining Executive Magazine (ABN 98121950079) and its related bodies corporate, partnerships and joint venture entities.

Donation Refund Policy

All donations are gifts made voluntarily to The Mining Executive to help in keeping the site running. As this is not a Charity, it does not carry the charity and deductible gift recipient conditions under the Australian Charities or any other charities globally and Not-for profits Commission endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office or any other taxation office globally.

Donors are not eligible for tax deductions on their donations.

When a payment is made, email confirmation is sent at the time of the donation.
Refunds may be granted at The Mining Executive’s discretion.

Refunds are granted only in exceptional circumstances, and only when the funds have not been utilized for the upkeep of the site. Some circumstances in which refunds might be granted include when the donation was:

– Made in error;
– Made in a materially incorrect amount; or
– Not authorised by the donor.

Donors with exceptional circumstances such as these may contact us to request a refund.

Please contact our responsible Officer at:
The Editor

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