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Doing it Differently With Dave Webster

Flexco Mining Matters
Flexco Mining Matters
Doing it Differently With Dave Webster

In this episode, we have a returning guest who appeared back in May 2022 (Episode 241). Dave Webster, Chairman of the 79th Group,  with one of their brands 79th Resources being one of the fastest growing natural resources companies in West Africa exploring and identifying gold and other mineral deposits around the region

Dave is a natural leader and previously one of the largest private landlords in the UK, with many years experience in the property sector as both a developer and a landlord. He moved into the resource sector 10 years ago and has developed a large portfolio of natural resource projects in West Africa, measured by the number of natural resource concessions under management across the region. The portfolio of resources consists of Gold, Bauxite, Iron Ore, Diamond & Co-coa concessions, the majority of the concessions being situated across Guinea. Today, he gives us an update on activities in West Africa and also new developments they are involved in across the Middle East. He gives us important lessons in business and in everyday life as he is an experienced and successful businessman.


  • You need to be on the ground testing in person and meeting the people involved that’s our USP and we act quickly
  • We de-risk and don’t go into things blind like other people do
  • There are always markets bottoming out and you need to be spotting it
  • We are doing it differently because what worked previously is broken
  • We look at where the damage and negativity are and position ourselves on the other side
  • We are the ultimate buyer of our own investor network and are well-backed by our private funders
  • That UAE is really important and they now have a long-term vision, they’ve committed to us and we’ve committed to them
  • Having a brilliant team and great CEO releases me to be able to buy cheap and think about where we need to be
  • Money’s made between the black and white  you have to weave your way through the problems and you’ve got to think differently
  • We give more back to the local communities than anyone because the local communities are the key to our mines


‘Minerals are the true currency on earth’

‘It started as a bit of fun buying a gold mine and now we have that many we are the largest operator on earth’

‘It’s all about the quality of the people you have in your team’


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