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Mining Innovation| Hydration kit designed to give athletes an advantage adopted to give miners a competitive edge on health.

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“The hydration test strip can reliably characterize hydration in seconds. If dehydration is identified action can be taken immediately, the result is improved health and productivity.”

Dr Michael Erlichster
Principal Research Scientist
MX3 Diagnostics

Cutting edge Victorian technology designed to give athletes an advantage during competition is being rolled out at mines across Australia to improve the health of miners. 

Dehydration in mines reduces worker concentration and efficiency while increasing the risk of long-term health issues.  

Hydration testing at mines can be inconvenient, inaccurate and invasive but that’s changed thanks to a new product designed and engineered right here in Melbourne. 

MX3 Diagnostics’ Hydration Testing System is the world’s first electrochemical saliva analysis system that provides personalised, laboratory-grade, on the spot results in the palm of your hand.  

Principal Research Scientist at MX3 Diagnostics Dr Michael Erlichster says the speed of the result is crucial to ensuring safe work environments and the health of miners.  

“The hydration test strip can reliably characterise hydration in seconds. If dehydration is identified action can be taken immediately, the result is improved health and productivity.” 

Dr Erlichster says the detailed reports available through the MX3 App and MX3 Web Portal, allow mine operators unparalleled access to information about how well workers are hydrated. 

“It’s the world’s first low-cost and rapid way of measuring hydration with saliva.”  

Since launching this product in late 2019, the MX3 Hydration Testing System has been adopted at over 30 mine sites across Australia.  

“It’s important that miners who typically work long hours with heavy equipment in hot environments receive information about their health on the job in real time.” 

MX3 Diagnostics is at IMARC Online to demonstrate the effectiveness and simplicity of the hydration system to an international audience of industry big-hitters. 

Over the next 12 months the company is looking to distribute the Hydration Testing System at mines and worksites in North America and Europe. 

You can find out more about the Hydration Testing System at the Victorian Government’s virtual booth at the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) Online which is on now until the 27th of November 2020.


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