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Ignite Collective Decarbonization in Hard-To-Abate Sectors

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  • Pittsburgh
  • 2023-09-12 8:06 to 2023-09-13 17:30

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Ignite Collective Decarbonization in Hard-To-Abate Sectors

2023-09-12 8:06 to 2023-09-13 17:30
September 12, 2023


The ability for ‘hard-to-abate’ industries to rapidly decarbonize will be critical to our collective global imperative to reach net zero emissions by 2050. Industry leaders navigating this transformation are faced with the challenge of embedding sustainability throughout their business whilst tackling institutional path dependency, high investment cost and risk, permitting barriers and untested paths to tackling shared scope 3 emissions. Collective challenges require collective solutions – decarbonized heavy industry will only be possible through new alliances and cross-industrial partnerships.


Reuters Events: Industry Transition 2023 (12 – 13 September, Pittsburgh) unites executive leaders from mining, metals, chemicals, transportation and other hard-to-abate industries, to accelerate deep decarbonization, forge new cross-sector coalitions and deliver net zero on an industrial scale. Over two days, we’ll provide executives, decision makers, and their implementation teams with an opportunity to break outside of traditional echo chambers, forge new cross-sectoral partnerships and lead through the industry transition. Alongside a senior congress of 300+ executive attendees, we’ll host a series of executive receptions, bi-laterals, and in-depth roundtables to engender meaningful progress on the path to net zero.


The Industry Transition represents the next frontier on climate action. Will you join us to accelerate deep decarbonization, form game-changing coalitions and construct the solutions of tomorrow?


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