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Dry high-intensity RE roll magnetic separators technology takes center stage in minerals & metals processing.

The advancements in technology in the world of minerals and metals play a crucial role in improving efficiency and productivity and one such game-changing innovation is the development of dry high-intensity RE (Rare Earth) Roll Magnetic separators. These cutting-edge machines have revolutionized the industry, offering a more efficient and cost-effective solution for separating valuable minerals and metals from waste material. To truly understand the impact of these magnetic separators, it is important to first understand the traditional methods of mineral and metal processing. Back then, wet magnetic separators were commonly used to separate minerals and metals from gangue material. While effective, these machines had a few disadvantages, including high water consumption, high operating costs, and substantial maintenance requirements. Manufacturers of magnetic separation equipment are actively pursuing improvements and efficiency gains across processes to stay competitive and innovative. 

Manufacturers of magnetic separation equipment are actively pursuing improvements and efficiency gains across processes to stay competitive and innovative and one of the key players is Eriez. It built and commissioned the world’s first 80-inch Dry High Intensity Rare Earth Roll Magnetic Separator to satisfy unique minerals processing application requirements. The supersized Rare Earth Roll Magnetic Separator was successfully installed at the customer’s site and findings of the industrial mineral upgraded by the equipment has exceeded the expectations of both Eriez and the customer, even at higher than design feed rates.  

Dry RE Roll Magnetic Seperator


The Eriez Rare Earth Roll Magnetic Separator provides maximum efficiency in the separation of weakly magnetic particles for product purification applications. Sophisticated finite element analysis was applied in the magnetic circuit design to produce an energy-free separator capable of generating the exceptionally high field-strength needed to remove unwanted fine iron contaminants. The tech company offers predictive and preventive maintenance service programs to keep equipment functioning at optimum efficiency with minimal downtime and the company’s service team provides support through the life of equipment.  

Because of the ever-growing demand for higher purity industrial minerals, the introduction of dry high intensity RE Roll Magnetic separators addressed many of the disadvantages mentioned above. These machines use rare earth magnets to generate a high-intensity magnetic field, allowing for the efficient separation of minerals and metals without the need for water. This not only reduces operating costs but also minimizes environmental impact, making them a more sustainable option for mineral processing delivering good metals and minerals quality. 

Furthermore, one of the key advantages of dry high intensity RE Roll Magnetic separators as compared to wet magnetics is their ability to effectively separate paramagnetic and weakly magnetic minerals from non-magnetic material. This allows for the recovery of valuable minerals that may have been previously lost during processing, increasing overall product yield and profitability. They are also highly customizable, allowing for precise control over the level of magnetic field strength and the positioning of the magnetic roll. This level of control ensures optimal separation efficiency and allows for the processing of a wide range of mineral types and sizes. 

In addition to their efficiency and versatility, dry high intensity RE Roll Magnetic separators also offer significant space savings compared to traditional wet magnetic separators. These compact machines can be easily integrated into existing processing plants, minimizing downtime and installation costs. The impact of these magnetic separators on the minerals and metals processing industry cannot be overstated. Their ability to improve separation efficiency, reduce operating costs, and minimize environmental impact has made them a game-changer in the field. They have allowed mineral processing companies to increase productivity, enhance product quality, and reduce waste, ultimately leading to greater profitability. 

Moreover, BHP has successfully incorporated dry high intensity RE Roll Magnetic separators into its operations. This has allowed BHP to extract more valuable minerals from its ore streams, increasing its overall production and profitability. In addition to improving the efficiency of its operations, the use of dry high intensity RE Roll Magnetic separators has also had positive environmental impacts for BHP. By effectively separating valuable minerals from waste material, the company has been able to reduce the amount of material that needs to be processed and disposed of, contributing to lower energy consumption, and decreased environmental footprint. This has helped BHP demonstrate its commitment to sustainability and responsible mining and has also positioned them as a more sustainable and environmentally responsible producer. 

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