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Construction of the World largest Lithium refinery begins

Western Australia is set to benefit immensely on the rise for Lithium demand. Key financial investment has been availed in the development lithium mines across the globe and never to be left behind, construction has begun for what is
perceived to be the world’s biggest Lithium refinery pegged at $1 Billion dollars at the Kemerton Strategic Industrial Area in Western Australia (WA). At its peak, the refinery will spit out 100,000 tonnes of Lithium Hydroxide (LiOH) each year, which translate to more than a third of the world’s demand for the metal. Another refinery planned close by in Kwinana will be producing nearly half the production of this plant.
“This lithium processing plant will ensure that this part of WA is part of the global growth in batteries, renewable technologies, and energy sources into the future,” said Federal Trade and Investment Minister, Simon Birmingham. The WA Government as unveiled a plan and bid to the Australian Federal Government to host a lithium.Headed by Luke Kissam as the CEO, Albemarle owns the Talison’s Lithium operation in Greenbushes, Western Australia is home to the world’s largest active lithium mine. The company operates Lithium operations across the globe, Bromine Specialties,
Catalyst and Fine Chemistry Services. With global demand rising in Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV), could we see a situation the future where there is oversupply of the product?

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