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Ceibo closes financing round as BHP Ventures joins the company as an investor.

Ceibo, a Chilean advanced copper extraction technology company, announced this month that BHP Ventures has joined as investor, closing its Series B financing for over USD 30 million to accelerate its primary and secondary sulfides leaching process.  

Ceibo has put together a consortium of world leading financial investors and mining companies, which are collaborating and supporting the commercial role of its low carbon technology. They include Energy Impact Partners, leading the Series B, and a syndicate of mining-focused investors, including CoTec Holding, Audley Capital, Orion Industrial Ventures, Unearth Capital and Opalton (Pincus Green), in addition to the existing investors Khosla Ventures and Aurus Ventures.  

This step is significant news for the future of the company because it will allow Ceibo to solidify its commitment to fostering innovation and driving impactful change in the mining industry. 

The Chilean company is focused on continued onsite testing and engineering during the last quarter of this year. The technology developed by Ceibo targets chalcopyrite and other refractory copper minerals containing 70%+ of known copper reserves. 

Ceibo has developed a broader set of clean technologies in recent years that are being operated by Ceibo’s team in different mining districts, helping to achieve more efficient operations and generating a positive environmental impact.  

“This capital increase, together with the strategic support of investors like BHP Ventures, will help us accelerate plans to deploy our technology globally and meet society’s needs, ” said Cristóbal Undurraga, Ceibo CEO and Co-founder.  

Founded in Chile, the world’s largest copper-producing country, Ceibo has assembled a diverse team of 60 seasoned professionals from several relevant industries, that includes scientists, engineers, and mining operators, all committed to creating a more sustainable future for mining and society.  

Over the last years it has developed a set of clean technologies that have been successfully scaled-up and are being operated by Ceibo’s team at some of the largest mines in the world, bringing more efficient operations and a positive environmental impact. 

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