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Austmine- The future of Mining Technology guaranteed

Like an elephant that goes through a longer gestation period, the mining technology evolution has taken time and seemingly trailing other fields has served as a benefit for the industry that require voluminous systems in technology. Like a brand new day, it has dawned for mining in adoption technology and the traction gained will set a good platform for future successes considering the myriad challenges the field is facing from lower but improving commodity prices, depletions in higher grade material in most mines, issues with social licences to operate, ever increasing operating costs and policy changes in some countries.
The Austmine conference dubbed:  Mining Innovation-The next horizon has lived up to its billing with some of the best mining tech companies descending at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre this week to try and share or rather showcase their capabilities to an expectant consortium of global mining executives.
Areas exhibited included:
a) Intelligent Equipment: Earth Shattering Technologies – Gaining insight into how intelligent equipment can take us to the next frontier, including autonomous heavy vehicles, sensors, drilling and AI, The Human Element of Technology
b) The Embers that Light Innovation – Understanding how companies are enabling their workforce to create a culture of ideas and processes in order to embrace new solution thinking, Analytics, Data and Security
c) The Changing Winds – Discovering how the latest developments in digital efficiencies, analytics and data systems are leading the change to the industry, Integration and Connectivity
d) A Breath of Fresh Air – Unearthing the latest in digital innovations challenging the status quo of the industry and taking us to a fully connected mine, Striving Towards Sustainability
e) Sea Change is Coming – Learning how the industry is striving towards sustainability with the adoption of new technologies, renewable energy sources and, world class processes for water and waste management. The goal is to promote the advancement and competitive positioning of Australian technology and innovation in mining and resources

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